Whether you are moving into a college dorm, first apartment, or new house, getting overzealous with the decorations can be easy. Especially when the size is limited, it’s essential to have a few space-saving tricks up your sleeve.

Only buy what you need

It can be tempting to go all out on decorations, from furniture to potted plants and artwork, but in a confined space, less is more! All the extra stuff will get in the way of everyday life. You must stay practical and start with the basics such as your bed, storage, bathroom essentials, cookware, etc. You’ll thank yourself later–and so will your wallet.

Get creative with storage

If your place is lacking in the closet department, you’ll have to fall back on resourcefulness. Here are some examples of how to get creative with storage:

  • Put risers on under your bed to make space for extra bins
  • Invest in some multipurpose furniture items
  • Employ the use of shelves or rods
  • Organize drawers to their full potential

Lighting is key

Lighting can make or break any home, especially a small one, depending on whether it’s done correctly or not. If the lighting is inadequate and superficial, it can feel stuffy and confined. However, when done properly, it can beautifully transform any space. To amp up your lighting game while still conserving as much space as possible:

  • Utilize windows as center points of rooms
  • Try LED lights
  • Draw the eye up with wall sconces, floor lamps, and ceiling fixtures
  • If you want something a little more fun, make the source of light the statement piece of a room

Only keep it if you love it

Every inch of square footage is precious in a small space, so you must choose wisely what to fill it with. Although it’s important to stay practical, it’s great to have a little fun with design. If you do decide to spice things up with rugs, plants, and other knick-knacks, be sure you absolutely love them before giving up money and space for them.

Donate or store the rest

Whatever infrequently used items you’re still holding on to, from old clothes to pointless furniture, donate to someone who would benefit from them. That’s a real win-win.

If you can’t part with something, but it just doesn’t fit your space, put it in storage and retrieve it whenever you’d like. A storage service like Gozova’s might come in handy– we pick up, store, and deliver your items when you’re ready! You can even request to only get certain items brought back while the rest stays in storage. Click here to learn more.

Have fun decorating your space!

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